"I Joined GEV in January 2020 and immediately felt welcome! I was initially impressed with the building layout & the friendly and professional attitude of all the staff. I have worked in the wind industry since 2013 for 2 previous companies before GEV and can honestly say I have never seen a team of more dedicated individuals who are so keen to do a good job for a company they clearly care for. They made me feel welcome and GEV have made every effort to treat me well during the recent difficulties of 2020. I am very happy working for GEV."

Simon Yeo
Field Blade Technical Manager, UK & Europe

GEV Wind Power

Leaders in Rotor Blade Maintenance

GEV Wind Power has become the lead independent service provider for wind turbine maintenance services. We deliver unrivalled competence and technological expertise, offering an unprecedented breadth of services and industry leading innovative solutions. Our expanded network of support offices and personnel are ready to meet all your maintenance needs, from every type of wind turbine to substation integrity requirements. We invest heavily each year in technician training to ensure increased capacity is available as the industry grows. As such a comprehensive programme of technician training, which covers industry and client specific requirements are matched to our in house competency system. This ensure our resource is at the highest level of professionalism within the industry.

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